Founded in July 2009, Sainz Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in heavy metal pollution prevention and control.  The company registered capital of 94.82 million yuan, the existing staff of more than 1000 people.  The company's headquarters and R & D center are located in Yuelu High-tech Zone, Xiangjiang New Area.  The production base of environmental protection agents and complete sets of equipment is located in Ningxiang High-tech Zone, Xiangjiang New Area.
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A variety of heavy metals in the heavy metal wastewater are removed synergistically by using the reaction equipment in the system and water treatment biological agents, and the effluent can be reused after reaching the standard
The pharmaceutical sales of the company is usually on the basis of scientific tests of customers' pollution, on the premise of providing technical services and equipment for customers, to sell special pharmaceutical products matching with it, which i
Service company to accept the consignment of the clients hosting customers environmental pollution control facilities, through during managed to provide green technology innovation, continuous improvement process, optimization of operation parameters

Sainz environmental Protection was invited to participate in the 21st China Environment Expo


Sainz sets an example of recycling in Serbia

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At Sainz, we are committed to creating a culture of innovation that respects diversity and inclusion

If you share senes' philosophy and values, are willing to use technology and services to improve your business, and have a sense of customer service, you can become a member of senes' professional team, focusing on your field of interest for a long t At the same time, Sainz provides a large number of opportunities for employees to go abroad and manage projects, so as to improve their professional ability in practical practice.
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